We would like to thank everyone who contributed to helping us save Major’s eyes.

It was a rough few months for his foster family.   He had a urinary tract infection, and then his calcium levels were extremely low and numerous surgery appointments were canceled.   We finally were able to get all blood work stable.

However, once he was under anesthetic and they performed the ultra-sound, we learned that the retinas had detached.  We contacted one of three surgeons in the United States that could perform retina reattachment surgery, but because Major had this condition since he was a young puppy the doctor indicated that the surgery would not be a success.

We were all extremely disappointed, especially his foster parents.

Your donations were used for Major’s many vetting and medical expenses.  He will always have to take calcium supplements and he will eventually contract glaucoma and require surgery to correct that condition.

Major is now available for adoption.  He will always be blind, but once he is acclimated to his environment he is a happy, well-adjusted boy.